Wealth Management


Building Your Wealth

Whether you’re working towards securing your financial future for your retirement or for your dream vacation home, or simply to provide for your loved ones, developing your own wealth management plan can be an arduous and complex procedure. We’re here to help you in this process by advising you on how to build the right investment portfolio in order to meet your objectives, based on your own goals, risk tolerance and investment horizons.

Defining Your Investment Goals – this is the first step to formulating a wealth management plan and you need to determine what your goals are and what you want to achieve from your investments. We have a wealth of experience in dealing with unique independent investors who all have different needs, and we are experts in offering guidance and making suggestions to help you to understand how to achieve the financial objectives which will allow you to attain your life goals. Once you have a clear vision in mind, and with our advisors on hand to make recommendations, make the trades and manage your investments, you are then in a position to begin building your portfolio.

Building Your Portfolio – in order to build a sound investment portfolio you need to take a wide variety of factors into consideration, and, when trying to formulate your own investment policy, you have to think about what type of revenue and growth you would like to achieve, the amount of liquidity you would need within your investments, and your level of risk tolerance. In short, you need to work out what type of investor you are, and we are there to guide you through this process. We will then conduct extensive research on your behalf, offer solutions and make investment recommendations on a wide-ranging array of investment products, and we will conduct due diligence with unwavering analytical market research in order to allow you to build the ideal portfolio to help you to build your wealth for the future.

Portfolio Management – once you have built your portfolio you will then have to navigate through the many pitfalls and periods of volatility that any market will invariably go through, as well as any adjustments in your own investment objectives since there will always be periodic changes in your personal circumstances which result in shifts in focus. The global markets are also notoriously volatile and can fluctuate wildly; this means that they can be potential minefields without the right Financial Advisor to guide you through the process and forewarn you of imminent shifts in the investment world. This is the reason why we employ a vast amount of researchers and market analysts who are constantly working on your behalf by conducting extensive market research in order to accurately predict future changes in the markets and identify new investment opportunities at the optimum time. This is an inter-departmental collaborative process which we are experts in managing.

Preserving Your Wealth

Accumulating wealth and achieving positive returns from your investments is an altogether entirely different entity from actually maintaining that wealth and making sure that it meets all of your life goals. You may need to alter your approach as your investment horizons change. We are experts in building relationships and maintaining constant dialogue with you while at the same time incorporating your liquidity needs aligned with your income parameters.

In setting out an effective long-term wealth management strategy, we do not only think about the best investments in generic terms, but rather we think about your portfolio in terms of providing both risk-averse and risk-taking options, avoiding unnecessary risk, allowing both investment income revenue as well as capital gain, and taking all your different personal factors into account. We will always consider:

  • Your income, whether it will fluctuate or not in the future, and how any changes in your investments will affect your actual living circumstances.
  • Your liquidity needs, taking into account any planned or unforeseen changes in your circumstances, and incorporating any potential necessities or luxuries which you may need to free up capital for.
  • Unforeseen factors which will invariably manifest themselves and have an effect on your investment portfolio, from changes in inflation or interest rates, to political movements, local civil unrest, or increasing costs of living, among others.
  • Your savings plans, and what your objectives are in relation to your savings methodology, always being aware that, as different goals are reached, your plans will change and new strategies may need to be employed. Your savings objectives will always have a strong influence on your portfolio management; we understand that and we feel compelled to constantly remind you.
  • Your estate planning is another critical factor in your portfolio management and we can expertly guide you, through the skillful employment of wills, beneficiary trusts, and a whole host of different legacy planning tools, on how best to guarantee that your wealth is transferred to future generations and ensure that you establish a wealth legacy which is long-lasting and enduring.
  • Life and asset insurance should always be an important part of your wealth management strategy and we take great care to offer you a wide array of insurance options which can sit alongside your investment strategy, ensuring that you, your investments, your business, and your loved ones are always protected from any of life’s unpredictable and unforeseen events.

Business Planning

If you own your own business or are part of a Board of Directors managing a corporation, you will always be thinking of your stock options and how best to manage them, how to benefit from making your company a public entity, whether or not to sell the business or merge with a partner, how best to maximize your profits, the retirement plans for yourself and your employees, and any healthcare packages you may set up for your workforce. This can often be complex and time consuming. Our OH Capital Management consultants have a wealth of experience in helping your business to reach the next level and to maintain it on an upward trend, and we are ideally positioned to offer you advice on how to invest your profits to expedite your business’ success.

We focus on:

  • Investment Banking, trading of derivatives and a whole range of other ancillary banking services, which include guidance on IPOs and Mergers & Acquisitions.
  • Concentrated Equity, holding a stock of a single company, or Diversification of Assets and Holdings, in order to maximize and best utilize your profits.
  • Selling off a company, which is a very complicated process with many variants and several hidden costs; our OH Capital Management consultants have a comprehensive understanding of the various options available to you.
  • Tax benefits in business loans, equipment finance and offshore accounts.
  • Retirement Planning choices and opportunities for savings plans which best utilize the liquidity of your capital, as well as the wage structure and payment plans your business employs.
  • Health Care Packages set up for you or your workforce which offer comprehensive cover and are set up to ensure that any unforeseen emergencies are anticipated and catered for, as well as ensuring you get any tax relief available to you.

Providing For Your Family

At OH Capital Management we are fully aware of the importance of providing for your family, whether it be a Life Insurance policy which ensures a healthy financial future for them in the event of your death, assistance with your kids’ education, care for your elderly parents or sick relatives, or simply future purchases which will enrich their lives. We are absolutely committed to guiding you in this very delicate procedure and we are always sensitive to these needs, even when they may appear to be at odds with your investment strategy. We have a wealth of experience in:

  • Education Planning for immediate schooling, private or specialist tutoring, or building up the required finance for a future university education.
  • Health Care and financial aid for elderly members of the family, whether it is home-care, private nursing homes or specialist support.
  • Care Assistance for disabled or handicapped dependents, covering for any eventuality or incapacity.
  • Estate Planning, so that your beneficiaries can be cared for and you can create a wealth legacy for the long-term.
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